Turkish Citizenship


Own a property worth $250,000 & get citizenship within 3 months

Properties for sale suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship

The Turkish Citizenship-by-Investment Program is set to entice overseas direct investment to grow the country’s real estate sector, which will significantly contribute towards the countries economic prosperity. Turkey is a transcontinental country, situated in both Europe and Asia, which makes it a country of significant Geo Strategic positioning. Being a regional power and benefiting from its geopolitical strategic location, it is classified as being one of the fastest-growing and evolving economies in the world, with its current position being the twentieth-largest in the world.

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Thousands obtained citizenship by buying property in Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship

Buying Real Estate in Turkey

Purchasing property in Turkey can be an outstanding investment decision. Whether you are looking to buy an affordable holiday home, or treat it as a lucrative investment for rental income and then resale it in the future, Turkey has become one of the most desirable places to have a second home.

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program is also one of the most affordable global programs awarding secondary citizenship through property investment. The Citizenship by Investment program requires interested applicants to purchase a property worth at least $250,000 USD. You can either purchase a single property or multiple properties to reach the required threshold of $250,000 USD.

Among the significant range of real estate options available, SUN and its partners prudently select the most appropriate properties for investment. We can also arrange for a physical viewing of the property in question, or provide a virtual tour. This decision is at the discretion of the applicant.


Turkish Citizenship

Basic qualifying criteria for the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

  • Investment in a real estate asset for a minimum of 3 years
  • Acquisition of property worth at least US$ 250,000
  • Processing time is approximately 4-6 months for Direct Citizenship
  • Children under 18 years of age qualify as dependents
  • Children above 18 years of age qualify for a Turkish residence permit, which eventually leads to Turkish citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

Documents Requirement

  • Title of Property photocopy (TAPU photocopy)
  • Valid property assessment report
  • Original payment receipts from the buyer account
  • Original reception receipts from the seller account
  • Two photocopies of the proxy of Turkish citizenship application
  • Translation and notarization of passport