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Program Overview

The Immigrant Investor Program of the United States of America, known officially as the “EB-5 Program”, is the fastest way for high net-worth individuals to obtain permanent residency (Green Card) for themselves & their families. This includes the spouse of the principal applicant and all their dependent children under the age of 21. The program requires an investment of US$ 900,000 in a government-approved project of the United States. The source of funds can come from personal savings, a donation, or an inheritance.

Choosing the right investment option is always risky and complicated. Sun, however, based upon its 30 years of experience and over 13,000 plus success stories, has a program that meets the employment creation criterion of this program while ensuring that you as investors are well protected when it comes time to have your investment of US$ 900,000 refunded after 5 years. At SUN, we have a fiduciary duty to protect our client’s best interests. For that reason, we deal with a specific EB-5 project which helps us do just that.


By investing US$ 900,000 in the United States economy, you can qualify for a Green Card for yourself & your family

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Advantages of the Immigrant Investor Program